Day Job

Born out of a desire to tell the stories of people stuck in jobs that stifle aspirations, Day Job is a fast-paced and surreal comedy. Nightmare managers and daydreamer employees fight over a person's freedom to choose how they spend their time-- and, consequently, their life-- in this hilarious, new piece inspired by the real experiences of the performers. Evi was commissioned by Fanny Pack Theatre to write and direct the company's first piece.

"Beautiful, detailed, funny yet tragic, dark but bright... The writer and director, who displays a variety of skills in this production, Evi Stamatiou... the show fed me as a theatre maker, and also as a member of public that has a day job in order to pursue my own dreams, but still goes out on a weekday for a treat and some re-charging." ★★★★.5 -LondonPubTheatres

"Day Job is a comedy that beneath its humour has some serious comments to make about society’s relationship to work, especially if you’re a woman...feminine energy and insight-a potent mix that would have been diluted had it been written from a male perspective." ★★★★ -Female Arts

"Writer/Director Evi Stamatiou has put together a really interesting series of stories that take fairly ordinary situations and stretch them to almost surreal lengths... a great combination of actors. They were four very different in appearance, movement, and accents, but slotted together like a finely cut jigsaw to complete a whole picture and present a wonderful demonstration of the variety of people in the world... a well thought out and put together production... a first rate show that had me laughing and was thoroughly entertaining from the start. Well worth a visit."★★★★ -LondonTheatre1

"Evi Stamatiou’s engaging play Day Job uses the bus as a linking device between three comedic sketches about work... Many aspects of these stories are bleak but Evi Stamatiou has an eye for the possibilities of humour and fun." -British Theatre Guide

"....vibrant, engaging and at times hilarious piece of new writing." -Blog of Theatre Things

Photo Credit: Minglu Wang

Photo Credit: Edwina Strobl