Kaltrina, a short film by Evi Stamatiou

Kaltrina is a thriller drama, centered around the recognition scene between Kaltrina, a nurse from Kosovo who lives and works in NY, and a stranger who broke into her apartment. The film is concerned with the ethics around organ transplant and the human organ trafficking market that profits from it. It is also about each individual's responsibility/opportunity to question who is benefiting from their work and act on it.

"Very gutsy film. Kudos to the filmmaker", Matthew Toffolo, Director, Wild Sound Film Podcast

"Film that took some risks and made a very beautiful style", Kierston Drier, Producer, Wild Sound Film Podcast

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Kaltrina is Evi Stamatiou's first work on film. Read interview here: https://wildsoundfestivalreview.com/2018/09/22/interview-with-filmmaker-evi-stamatiou-kaltrina-3/

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Best Foreign Short Film (Runner Up), Action on Film International Film Festival 2018.

Best Short Fiction Film, Cosmocinema Festival 2018.

Best Voice Over (Evi Stamatiou), Oniros Film Awards 2018.

Gold winner for Narrative Short, International Independent Film Awards Winter 2017.

Gold winner for Actress in a Leading Role (Evi Stamatiou), International Independent Film Awards Winter 2017.

Official Selection/Festival Screenings

Bridges International Film Festival 2018

Action on Film International Festival 2018

Hollywood Dreamz 2018

SBE's 11th Annual Hamilton (New York) International Film Festival 2018

Cosmocinema Festival 2018

London Greek Film Festival 2018

Diversity Film Festival 2018

Crime/Mystery Film Festival 2018

Europa Film Festival 2018

Five Continents International Film Festival 2018

New World Cinemas Marche du Film, Cannes Film Festival 2017.


Writer/Director: Evi Stamatiou
Cast: Evi Stamatiou, Alkis Sarantinos, Ahmet Demirer, Zuber Memon, Harry Timms
Camera operators: Zuber Memon and Harry Timms
Sound operator: Cara Perlman
Make-up artist: Cara Perlman
Editors: Moebius Simmons and Evi Stamatiou
Colourist: Ryan Lee
Produced by Hugo Teugels and Evi Stamatiou, TVP Services

Evi Stamatiou (Kaltrina) and Alkis Sarantinos (Roger)

Ahmet Demirer (Emil) and Evi Stamatiou (Kaltrina)

Award Nominations at Action on Film International Film Festival 2018

and Hollywood Dreamz Festival 2018