"Very gutsy film. Kudos to the filmmaker, they are doing something unique." Matthew Toffolo, Director, Wild Sound Film Podcast for Kaltrina

"Film that took some risks and made a very beautiful style. For a piece that has a dark undertone it’s very bright and light. It’s about the people you touch and the people you connect with, even though you don’t even know that you are connecting with them. And what hurts and breaks in the balance." Kierston Drier, Producer, Wild Sound Film Podcast for Kaltrina

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"Marble-ous: Evi Stamatiou... uses burlesque, clowning and comedy to explore the issue of the return of Ancient Parthenon marbles to Greece"

-- Metro

"Evi Stamatiou creates a world of bubbly satire that turns the current Greek economic collapse into a metaphor for the rest of us Europeans... her infectious delivery wins over the audience. Under the slapstick, the finger stays firmly on our political pulse, and towards the end the message suddenly becomes shockingly clear when the spotlight turns on the exploitation at the heart of Europe’s dark underbelly." ★★★★ -- Nick Awde, The Stage for Caryatid Unplugged

★★★★ --Theatre Guide London for Caryatid Unplugged

"Versatile-voiced, natural clown. Her spirited, madcap performance retains the freshness of improvisation."--British Theatre Guide for Caryatid Unplugged

"Pedro himself would have loved the use of bright-red scarves, scarlet wigs and killer-red lipstick to convey the violence of an impending death."★★★★ --LondonTheatre1 for Zombie Carmen

"Beautiful, detailed, funny yet tragic, dark but bright... The writer and director, who displays a variety of skills in this production, Evi Stamatiou... the show fed me as a theatre maker, and also as a member of public that has a day job in order to pursue my own dreams, but still goes out on a weekday for a treat and some re-charging." ★★★★.5 --LondonPubTheatres for Day Job

"Day Job is a comedy that beneath its humour has some serious comments to make about society’s relationship to work, especially if you’re a woman...feminine energy and insight-a potent mix that would have been diluted had it been written from a male perspective." ★★★★ --Female Arts for Day Job

"Writer/Director Evi Stamatiou has put together a really interesting series of stories that take fairly ordinary situations and stretch them to almost surreal lengths... a great combination of actors. They were four very different in appearance, movement, and accents, but slotted together like a finely cut jigsaw to complete a whole picture and present a wonderful demonstration of the variety of people in the world... a well thought out and put together production... a first rate show that had me laughing and was thoroughly entertaining from the start. Well worth a visit."★★★★ --LondonTheatre1 for Day Job

"Evi Stamatiou’s engaging play Day Job uses the bus as a linking device between three comedic sketches about work... Many aspects of these stories are bleak but Evi Stamatiou has an eye for the possibilities of humour and fun." --British Theatre Guide for Day Job

"....vibrant, engaging and at times hilarious piece of new writing." --Blog of Theatre Things for Day Job