Serious Says in Funny Ways: R&D showing

Date: Sunday 9 September 2018

Time: 7pm

Location: The Yard Theatre, London

Eight artists draw from their own experience and create a socially engaged piece about a theme of their choice. Their mission is to create a ‘serious comedy’, a performance that is both meaningful and fun. 


What happens when a serious say is performed in a funny way? How can artists support each other in doing so? What can you discover about your theatre-making along the way? 


Inspired by Aristophanic comedy and Joan Littlewood, Serious Says in Funny Ways is a serious comedy, an innovative experiment that merges performance as activism with an entertaining theatre language.

Screenshots from rehearsals: Ricky Thompson and Claire McKey

Actors/Artists: Milly Bianchini, Dean Elliott, Kira Golightly, Adrian Klein, Sophia Priolo, Laura Rinati, Jack Ryan, Freya Storch

Director/Dramaturg: Evi Stamatiou

Assistant Director: Claire McKey

Videographer: Ricky Thompson


Supported by The Royal Central School of Speech and Drama and Collisions Festival 2018.